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Equipment - What's in your range bag?

As a new shooter I purchased a small simple range bag that held only the necessities, such as my gun, a couple of magazines, my Uplula, my eye and ear protection and 2 boxes of ammo.

In no time my bag was literally busting at the seams. Very quickly, I realized, that I LOVED shooting and this tiny bag was not going to cut it. So I went to the extreme and purchased a backpack which held 5 handguns. I love my backpack range bag, but found that it was heavy when loaded up. As I continued to shoot, I found that I shot 2 handguns regularly so a mid sized bag that held 3 guns had lots of storage for mags, ear and eye protection and ammo was perfect for me.

A good range bag provides all the room you need to organize your guns, ammunition, magazines, tools, ear and eye protection and more. To make the right selection, first ask yourself what do I need to have in my range bag? I wish I had known this when I started shooting.

Eye protection

Ear Protection & extra batteries for your Ear Pro

A flashlight

Extra magazines

Dummy rounds for malfunction drills

Dry fire tools such as (MantisX10 or laser inserts)

Sharpie marker

Small pen/notebook


Gun oil

Small cleaning kit/cleaning supplies


Cleaning rod

optics manual & tools

Locktite threadlocker 242 medium strength


Emergency Personal Injury Kit w/ CAT tourniquet

Extra batteries for your optic

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