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Concealed Carry Options & Accessories

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

A big "thank you" to Megan for demonstrating how the PHLster Enigma system worked last night at our meeting.

I was surprised we had so many ladies who carried, whether on their person or in their purses. Thank you for all the ladies who assisted in compiling the links for various setups listed in this post.

IWB (Inside the waist band) Options:

PHLster Enigma System If you have questions about this system get with Megan, Yvonne or Catherine about this system.

EnigMod leg leash Megan bought separate to replace the one that came with the enigma.

Facebook group is great for solutions in finding the sweet spot for concealment with the enigma, and solutions to how to fix problem you may have, and mods people use with their enigma. Facebook Phlster concealment workshop Facebook group

YouTube videos: Philster YouTube page-

Difference between enigma express and standard-

Blue Line, LLC. - Debbie Rogers & Bea have in the waistband kydex holsters by Blue Line.

Reach out to them if you have any questions. They make many different holsters for many different gun models It's been a year since Ken, the owner passed away, and his wife and brother-in-law are starting to sell again. They are a small local business who can often be found at local gun shows.

Crossbreed Holsters - We were referred to the Super Tuck IWB Crossbreed holster. Their holsters fit nicely against your body without feeling too bulky or noticeable.

G Code Incog Holsters - Mike at Freedom showed us several of his holsters and he liked the the G Code Incog brand for concealed carry

Nexbelt - Is a brand that several of the ladies have. This brand offers a wide selection of ratcheted belts in many styles.

Belly Band - Kelly mentioned the Comfort Carry Belly Band by Well Armed Women. It's known for ultimate in comfort and concealability.

PURSES - There are many options when it comes to purses, here are a few that were discussed.

5.11 Bags / Packs - Jacqui shared the link to a bag she just purchased. Check out the 5.11 Push Pack 6L pack.

Ukoala - These are a great bag that a few of our members carry on their person at all times.

Gun Tote'n Mamas - Yvonne mentioned GTM. Since 2009, GTM have been a champion of women’s protection. They have created high-quality products, that can be used for safely carrying all kinds of self-defense tools, beyond guns.

Browning - Offers a line of concealed carry bags too.

OpticsPlanet - Offers a large selection of purses. Just check reviews and the size of the zippered access to the gun compartment.

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