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The Shooter's Dress Code

No one likes a wardrobe malfunction or a potential safety hazard when it comes to shooting, so let's talk about shooting attire. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing that provide protection and are functional. There's a good chance they will get dirty, if the casings hit you so be forewarned.

Range Attire:

  • Wear eye protection

  • Wear ear protection

  • Wear hat, to shield your face from being hit by hot casings ejected from your gun.

  • Wear a crew neck t-shirt with a smaller neckline to help protect you from hot casings going down your shirt. In this situation, you want to holster your gun or lay it down, before digging the hot casing out. Newer shooters not dressed properly or prepared for this occurrence can be a safety hazard to themselves and those around them. DO NOT wear a tank top, a V-neck or lower cut shirt. Also make sure the shirt is tucked in if shooting from a holster. A piece of clothing (like a shirt not tucked in) can get into your OWB holster, causing an AD (accidental discharge).

  • It's best to wear long pants, most opt for a tactical or cargo pant, which offers many pockets for storing magazines.

  • Wear a closed toed shoe with plenty of support. Flip flops, sandals and open toed shoes are not recommended.

Outdoor Shooting: Additional Necessities

  • Take sunscreen.

  • Use bug spray.

  • Take chap stick.

  • Pack a small cooler w/ water and/or electrolyte drinks. (make sure to confirm if range will allow you to bring a cooler, many won't so you will need to go to your car to hydrate).

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