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Off Body Carry

One of the biggest factors of carrying a gun is being situationally aware. Let's test how situationally aware you are. Check out this video and see how much you actually caught.

Ladies when you are walking to your car what are your habits?

When you are out and about are you using the OODA cycle?

  1. Observe your surroundings

  2. Orientate yourself to ensure you are in a position to respond (hide/act/run)

  3. Decide on how you wish to respond.

  4. Act - follow through with the plan of action you determined in the previous step

When drawing from a purse you add a few more steps.

  1. Grip the purse with your support hand.

  2. Use your strong hand to open the section of the purse where your gun is.

  3. Get a proper grip on the gun and clear the purse. Cant the gun slightly away from the body to ensure the slide cannot get caught on your clothing.

  4. Continue with the rest of the draw steps, such as marrying the hands, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, breathing & follow through.

Should you be in a position to have to draw your gun with little time to spare, you could shoot through the purse. Challenges include being sure that your aim is accurate as you are responsible for every round that is fired. Another challenge is that the gun will malfunction. Do you have a good knowledge of how to clear malfunctions? If not, be sure to work on this.


Now, try dry firing and drawing from your purse. Are you able to go from "Threat" to a shot on target within 3 seconds? If not, get busy. Work towards a 2 second draw next.

Happy training ladies!!

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