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Ever Thought of Training to Draw from a Purse?

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

We train to draw from a holster, why wouldn't we train to draw from a purse? Check out this online course “Off-Body Purse/Bag Course” Yvonne shared in our W3 Private Members Group. Donna Anthony the instructor has quite an impressive resume. The course was very informative and featured several well known women who have made contributions in the way women conceal carry for years.

One of the speakers featured was Vicki Farnam (wife of John Farnam) of DTI (Defense Training International) for women. She has been training officers for over 30 years with a focus on teaching women, since men and women learn so differently. She offers defensive pistol training nationally to small groups of women.

It was refreshing to get a woman's prospective on carrying off body in a purse or bag, as too often we are encouraged to carry on person instead. Of course, if you're going to carry in a purse or bag, wearing the purse or bag is the best option.

Highlights Included:

  • In depth demonstration of the Gun Tote'n Mama Bags. They reviewed features like gun draw options for right & left handed owners, or the ability to draw from the top of the bags. They discussed the 11 ply steel reinforced straps and how that features was requested by the wife of Smith & Wesson's CEO at the time. Some of their bags include RFID lined protection pockets for your credit cards. I had no idea this was an options.

  • Different draw styles were demonstrated based on the position of purse or bag on the body. She also discussed the speed at which we should be on target when drawing from a purse or bag. Let me tell you, its much faster than most are able to get their purse open.

  • The need to practice dry firing to ensure our ability to open the bag and access the firearm in a smooth and efficient manner.

  • Donna demonstrated shooting from the bag. Showed how the purse and holster were damaged after shooting through the bag. She prepared the owner for the probability of malfunctions and how to quickly handle them when shooting through the purse. It was interesting to see a technique used, for better shot placement when shooting through the purse/bag.

The course mentioned GTM bags A LOT, so it did seem as though this may have been sponsored by them.

Not selling this course, just feel much more informed and realize I have a lot of practicing to do! Enjoy!

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