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Learning To Draw From the Holster

Updated: May 3, 2022

Freedom Shooting Center provides instruction in the proper drawing and holstering of a firearm. In the Intro to Handgun course, the three hour course covers the fundamentals of gun handling and shooting. It also introduces students to drawing and holstering.

After attending the Intro to Handgun course, sign up for the Intro Practice sessions. This is where you get a lot of assistance in perfecting your holster draw technique. The instructors are AMAZING!

Step One

  1. Establish a firm high grip on your gun.

  2. Trigger finger is straight and indexed on the side of the holster.

  3. Support hand indexed on your abdomen

Step Two

  1. Lift the gun straight up until it clears the holster.

  2. Keep trigger finger straight and indexed high, above the trigger guard on the frame where it meets the slide.

  3. Support hand meets gun and establishes the proper grip.

  4. Elbows are still bent at the center of your body with gun pointing down range but not yet pushed out from the body.

Step Three

  1. Drive the gun forward towards the target and up in order to align the sights on the target at eye level.

  2. Trigger finger is still straight and indexed on the frame of the gun.

  3. Acquire sight alignment.

  4. Acquire a sight picture.

  5. DO NOT place your finger on the Trigger until you have decided to actually fire the gun at that exact moment, then PRESS the trigger and focus on your front sight.

  6. Follow through after the shot. Determined if you hit your target, was your shot effective and if you need to shoot again? If you hit your target, and your shot was effective and you do not need to shoot again, then your trigger finger must immediately be taken off the trigger, and indexed on the frame of the gun.

Now let's watch our ladies in action:

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