*Questions often asked*

I am interested in the club.  What is the best way to learn more about it?


Here are several ways to learn more:


*The best way to learn more about our club is to come to one of our meetings.  We meet every Tuesday night in the Big classroom at Freedom Shooting Center from 6pm -8pm.


*You can contact us by email at w3shootingclub@gmail.com or by Facebook Messenger from our Women with Weapons Shooting Club Facebook Page if you have any additional questions.

*Please continue to read the following questions because your question might be listed.

*Our ladies are always at the range every week besides Tuesday nights .  If you see one wearing a Women with Weapons Shooting Club T-shirts, I'm sure they will be glad to answer any questions you may have.  


I would like to visit one of the club meetings.  What can I expect and what do I need to bring?


Our Women with Weapons Shooting Club meets every Tuesday night from 6pm -8 pm at Freedom Shooting Center (located in the big classroom).  Our members like to come early to get a good seat and to chat before the meeting.  We normally conduct business and make you aware of current events prior to our planned event for that night or going to the range.  Safety is our priority so you must watch the Freedom Shooting Center safety video and sign a W3 Waiver form to be able to go on the range with us.  This a requirement even if you just plan to observe.  You will need your driving license /photo id, your safety card/Freedom Membership card, eye and ear protection (club has a few pair to share),  your firearm,  ammo, and $5.00 for the range fee (unless you are a Freedom member). If you don't own a firearm, just make us aware of it and we will assist.   If you are interested in renting one, Freedom Shooting Center rents out firearms and eye/ear protection for a low fee.  Please contact Freedom if you have any questions concerning thier process.  If a class/event is schedule, we will do the class first, and then if time permits, we will go on the range.  Please be aware that there are times we do not go to the range due to special events.  However, we do our best to get on that range so our ladies can practice.  We try to make our members aware ahead of time when this happens so they can come in early to shoot or come another day within the week. 


 How much experience with firearms do you have to have?  


 It is not a requirement to have experience with firearms to be in our club.  In fact, we accept all levels of expertise.  If you have never picked up a firearm, or if are ready to learn more, we have something for you!  We have a wide variety of experience within our group and there is always someone willing to assist you with any questions or help that you need!  We hold Beginner's Class the first Tuesday of every month to teach and review basic handgun skills,  including safely handling your firearm, proper stance, aim/sight picture, and grip techniques/trigger pull.  We are all about safety so we do go over safety rules for the range as well.  Our goal is to get you shooting safely and with confidence in no time at all!  


Home Range Address:

Freedom Shooting Center

(formerly known as Colonial Shooting Academy) 

5070 Virginia Beach Blvd

Virginia Beach, VA 23462


Club Hours

Tuesday Nights 6 pm -8pm 

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by Phone: (757) 292-1779

by Email: w3shootingclub@gmail.com

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