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Gun Safety

Updated: May 3, 2022

Gun safety is the study and practice of using, transporting, storing and disposing of firearms and ammunition, including the training of gun users, the design of weapons, and formal and informal regulation of gun production, distribution, and usage, for the purpose of avoiding unintentional injury, illness, or death.

Whenever you shoot all shooters will be expected to know the 4 Cardinal Rules of Firearms Safety so learn them and be able to recite them when asked.

  1. Treat every weapon as if it were loaded. When handling a firearm, always take the time to properly inspect the gun to confirm if it's loaded or not. Ensure that the magazine is removed and the chamber is empty. Always treat the gun as if it's loaded and never depend on anyone else.

  2. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. If you keep your trigger finger high on the side of the firearm you cannot accidently discharge the gun. Only when you have acquired a site picture should you put your finger on the trigger.

  3. Never allow the muzzle to cover anything you are not willing to take responsibility for destroying. Before handling a gun consider the environment and look for a safe direction to point the gun. It is ALWAYS your responsibility to have the gun pointed in a safe direction no matter the task at hand. When loading, reloading, shooting and clearing the gun, you are 100% responsible for ensuring that muzzle never sweeps across anyone. Situational awareness is critical when handling firearms.

  4. Be aware of your target and what's around and beyond it. You are responsible for every round that leaves your gun and for what it hits. So, before you even think about shooting your gun, evaluate your surroundings and what is around or beyond the target. It's important you understand you are obligated NOT to take the shot if there is a risk of harm to anyone.

Additional W3 Shooting Club Rules:

  • 180 Rule - Never point your gun in a left or right direction. ALWAYS point your gun down range.

  • Gun is to stay in your range bag until you are in the booth. If you are sharing your gun, the person moves not the gun, the gun stays in the booth. Gun goes back into the range bag before leaving the booth.

  • Only one gun on the bench at a time while in the booth. If you are sharing a booth with another member, the person not shooting should put their gun on a shelf below the bench.

Repeat Commands - Whenever you hear the following commands you ALWAYS repeat them back. This is to reinforce that everyone on the range is made aware of the command.

  1. Eyes and Ears - Repeat "Eyes and Ears" loudly. This means the range is going "hot" and gun fire will now begin. Make sure you have your eye protection and ear protection one.

  2. Down Range - Repeat "Down Range" loudly. This means someone is walking out on the range. You make sure your guns are on the bench locked back or in your holster. NEVER touch your gun when someone is down range.

  3. Cease Fire - Repeat "Cease Fire" loudly. This means during shooting session, everyone needs to stop firing immediately. Lock your slide back and put it down on the bench, chamber side up and step away from the bench. If you are wearing a holster, holster your gun and DO NOT touch your gun. Follow instructions of the lead RSO "Range Safety Officer".

When visiting a new range or attending a shooting event, make sure you understand their rules. If at any time you are not clear or are confused, ask questions.

When using or storing guns always use these additional NRA rules:

  • Use the correct ammunition in the gun

  • Be sure to wear eye and ear protection

  • Never use alcohol, prescription or over the counter drugs before or during shooting.

  • Regular cleaning helps the gun operate properly and safely.

Storing Your Gun - Part of being a responsible gun owner is securing your guns at all times to ensure they are not accessible to unauthorized users. Once you've purchased your gun you should have an immediate plan for how you intend to secure it safely.

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